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PrintSource Plus offers Custom Apparel and Promotional Products that complement our printing services. Custom apparel and promotional items are an integral part of any marketing campaign. In combination with print, it will build brand recognition and customer loyalty. Check out the links below.

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PrintSource Plus can help you choose from our large collection of items.  You will be proud to stand behind your customized products that can be used for, but is not limited to, the list below.

  • Non Profit Fundraising Events – for volunteers and as a giveaway
  • Golf Outings
  • Safety Gear
  • Brand Name Apparel for Employees
  • Staff Uniforms
  • And more

All of our custom apparel is high-quality and built to last.

Long Term Loyalty

Apparel is the most effortless way to market your company, while creating long term loyalty with your employees. Providing branded apparel is the perfect way to tie your team together. It creates a sense of unity and togetherness, which immediately boosts company culture.

Are you ready to be inspired? Call or email us if you have any questions.

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Building Your Business

Promotional products can build your business a number of different ways! It’s a gift that keeps on giving when left behind for key sales appointments.

In addition to promo items, consumers also tend to associate branded apparel with large established companies. That image subconsciously boosts your company’s professionalism and increases the confidence in your current or future customers.

Seriously, what’s not to love about customized gifts!

PrintSource Plus Inc